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Packing for the entire family can be stressful. But with these easy packing hacks, you’re guaranteed to fit everything your kids need so you’re prepared for anything on the road and can focus simply on enjoying vacation.

Rolling is a must.

1) Roll the kids’ clothes tightly instead of folding – especially if you’re packing their blankets. This will help maximize space.

3) Use packing cubes to make traveling drawers. Simply pack each cube as you would for a drawer at home: one for shirts, one for pants, etc. Pull each “drawer” out daily and you’re on your way!

Save your liquids.

7) BPA-free tubes will let you bring the kids’ sunscreens, lotions etc. without having to worry about harsh chemicals or staying within TSA limits.We’re a fan of using lotion savers to make filling liquid tubes a breeze.


Get spill-proof.

8) You can also make your toiletries spill-proof by adding plastic wrap over the opening and then screwing the cap on it.

Go for solid shampoo.

9) A solid shampoo bar designed for even the most sensitive skin will save you from having to pack another bottle.

Keep clothes smelling fresh.

10) Tuck a dryer sheet either at the bottom of the suitcase or in the mesh pocket to keep their clothes smelling fresh.

Prepare to get lost.

16) Prepare as if you’re going to lose your checked luggage. This means that you should have duplicates of important items in both your carry-on and the baggage you’re going to check in. For example, have a day’s worth of the kids’ clothes in your carry-on. If they have medication, then remember to place extra doses in your carry-on.